H.R. Das - 36'' by 48'' - HRD09M

300,000 - 350,000

H.R. Das’s bulls and cows don’t just exist but pulsate with energy. Whether yoked or free they effortlessly express the sheer strength and beauty of the beast. H.R. Das has taken the bull and made it his own. He has a unique style of portraying this magnificent animal that is so rooted in our culture and psyche. He masterfully depicts the beast’s agony, its joy, its anger. H.R. Das  treats the background like a stage  in front of which his characters perform. They may recede and be dismissed as props, but his backgrounds still command attention, the intricate tapestry effect and muted lines provide a vibrant milieu that serves to highlight the interactions between the main players of his canvas.

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H.R. Das

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36'' by 48''


Acrylic on Canvas

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