Anasha Art is an art gallery promoted by passionate art lovers Anahita Taunk and Shayal Taunk from Jamshedpur. At Anasha, we strongly believe that art and beauty are essential in life. Inspired by our belief, we strive to popularize contemporary Indian art in India and globally.

All the artwork in the gallery has been diligently curated and every effort is made to bring together an eclectic mix of high quality art. While some of the artists are well-established names, you will also find paintings by very talented up and coming artists. The Indian art space is incredibly vibrant and rich and we are excited to be showcasing works of talented artists such as Anjolie Ela Menon, Yusuf Arakkal, Seema Kohli, Ranadip Mukherjee, Somenath Maity, Bratin Khan and many more truly gifted artists. All art pieces are certified original works of art, sourced directly from the artist, and come with an authentication certificate given by the artist.

We aim to create a delightful online shopping experience for you. We realize that art is an extremely important purchase for you, and it is ideal for a lot of our customers to see the artwork before purchasing it. Our shopping policies are designed to pay special attention to the concerns of our online shoppers and make buying from our site simple and safe. if you are not comfortable shopping online, you can always contact us and make an offline purchase.

Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to your patronage.


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