Anand Panchal - 48’’by 120’’ - AP09M

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The village is the backdrop for the works of Anand Panchal. More than many artists, Panchal embraces a highly narrative style, unfolding stories of rural life through his paintings.
A recurring figure in his paintings is of a small girl. He describes her as the daughter of a farmer, who is very eager to pursue her education, but is prevented from doing so by circumstances. He recalls growing up in a rural town, and seeing doctors and lawyers occasionally passing through: “We would admire these people, but we would never know how they became what they are.” Asked why he chose to paint a young girl over a boy, he explains that he finds female faces most expressive, registering a range of emotions that vanish by adolescence.

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Anand Panchal

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48’’by 120’’


Acrylic on Canvas

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Human Emotions

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