Samendhu Sonavane
Samendhu Sonavane

Shamendu Sonavane is known for his brilliant portrayal of nature. His work arouses an aural feeling of the waves having thunderously crashed on the weathering sands and receded in silence. In another creation, there is the brine of the sea invading the viewers’ sensibilities. Such is the magical aura of his canvases that grips a viewer. His canvases generate a sense of quietude and grandeur. The artist has evolved and constructed his paintings in horizontal format implying a sense of infinity. A brilliant colorist, he has judiciously juxtaposed fragmented patches of brilliant, contrasting and harmonious colours to create a kaleidoscope of detritus found on the beaches. His soothing colours define his individual style. The artist employs knife strokes, brush strokes and the spray technique in limited colour combinations as he brings out the beauty of nature on canvas. The intimate detailing and craftsmanship in his work makes his canvases noteworthy.


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