Deepa Vedpathak
Deepa Vedpathak

Deepa believes a work of art is created purely to put form to one’s inner emotions. Bold strokes and vibrant colours are her trademark and while the strokes are thick, they still capture minute details. Her love for music is evident in her works. Her art reveals a sense of deep involvement with music and each piece is replete with multiple musical instruments including sitar, guitar, drums, tabla, mridangam and the violin. Most of the characters in the works have with their eyes-closed which Deepa uses in an effort to portray their high degree of involvement. The paintings are vibrant with the use of what the artist calls happy colours — bright shades of a rainbow palette comprising yellow, orange, red, blue, green. “Music is such an inspiration. Many of my family members have been into it and whenever I’ve been to mehfils and concerts, it was a pleasure to observe people immersing themselves into the ambience. Through my art, I hope to create the same ambience as that of a concert.”


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