Vinod Sharma
Vinod Sharma

Standing amidst Vinod Sharma’s work is like experiencing a gust of fresh mountain air. You can feel the mist descend, you can feel the snow-capped mountains looking you back in the eye, and you can feel the chill of the semi-frozen lake atop a mountain range. The strokes, the illusion of depth and the play of colors are uncompromising and true to reality. There is such silence in every scene. The stillness and silence in his works are stunning, refreshing. His works are all entirely abstracts but yet convey the reality and grandeur of the mountains. Every mountain has a story to tell, in fact, each has many stories to tell. His works are a pure celebration of the mountains and mountains alone. His mountains are not all grey and somber blue despite all the silence that is portrayed. They take deep lively colors. They live in the oranges, blues, and greens he lavishly bathes them in.


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