Shuvankar Maitra
Shuvankar Maitra

Maitra is among the many who are filled with childlike wonder when they approach nature. For him, it is the trees that leave him enraptured. In keeping with his line of work, he made no exceptions when it came to appreciating, duplicating, and creating the beauty of the scene. He did this by using extraordinary flair and technique that perfectly captured the best qualities of nature. The paintings, with their coherent and meticulous portrayals of trees, captivate the viewer. They bear the simplistic flair of the environment combined with its intricate complexities. He achieves this through the microscopic circles made using rotary pens and the layers of colours that he amplifies with light. Pink remains the colour of the most prominent leaves, displaying a poised and poetic interpretation of the trees’ temperament. The leaves stand out as pleasant and tranquil. The trees’ reflection in the still, sparkling water is unperturbed to convey the characteristic the artist admires most: stability.


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