Madhuri Bhaduri
Madhuri Bhaduri

Working primarily in oil, contemporary Indian artist Madhuri Bhaduri exquisitely renders the ever-changing colors of the sky, earth and water. She is particularly influenced by the Impressionist masters of the 19th century, as her landscape paintings similarly focus on the effects of light and weather on nature’s appearance. Yet while she captures such fleeting moments, there is also a deep sense of serenity in her images. The artist’s major themes include Horizons, on the hopeful boundlessness of the skyline; Moon, on the mysteriousness of the moon throughout its phases; and Reflections, on the mesmerising shimmers of water. However, art by Madhuri Bhaduri explores not only these natural landscapes but also emotional ones. As she explains this metaphorical connection, “For me a canvas is not just a visual expanse. It often maps the mood that I am in, and my introspection of my life, my feelings and thoughts at that point of time.”


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