Arup Lodh

Arup Lodh

Arup is one of India’s youngest leading watercolor artists. A largely self-taught artist, he has tremendous mastery over his skill. His paintings have a surreal, dream like quality along with painstaking detail and precision.

During his short journey, he has received some prestigious awards from India and abroad for excellence in watercolor paintings. He has recently won awards from the San Diego Watercolor Society 2014 where he was the only artist selected to participate from India. Since 2003, Arup has participated in many group exhibitions, art camps and has also held 13 successful one-man shows.

Review by Critics:

“In my fifteen years of running an art gallery, and having a close link with Kolkata, I have come across scores of painters who have portrayed the landscape of urban Kolkata in several styles, interpretations, textures, moods and so on. But the Kolkata cityscape finds its soul in the paintings of Arup Lodh. Kolkata almost endears itself to give Arup's work a dimension a quality that is unmatched. Not surprising therefore, that Arup, at the young age of thirty-one has acquired a popularity that is as unique as it is enviable.

Kolkata and its nostalgia, abundantly visible to the day, has been a muse to many painters over the years. Arup's l'affaire Kolkata results in breathtaking depictions of her architecture, her sights, smells and sounds that you can almost smell and hear when you view his paintings.   Needless to say, his command over his medium is rare, and leaves you craving for more, as he unfolds one layer after another of this mythical, mystical city.”